What’s the Best Toilet Height for Seniors?

Toilet height can make a big difference, especially for seniors and people with mobility limitations. Finding the right seat height is an important part of making a bathroom more accessible and ensuring you or your senior has a safe, comfortable experience in the bathroom.

toilet height for seniors

Check Your Toilet Model Standard Height

If you’re considering replacing your existing toilet with one with a higher seat, it’s a good idea to first check the standard height for your current model. Many mainstream toilets have a standard height of 15 inches from floor to seat, which may be too low for seniors or other people with mobility limitations. Replacing this type of toilet with an elevated model may be necessary for greater comfort and safety.

Determine the Recommended Toilet Heights for Seniors

The ideal toilet height for seniors will depend on their individual needs. Generally speaking, a toilet seat that is 17 to 19 inches high provides the greatest amount of comfort and makes it easier to stand up and sit down with less effort. Models with adjustable heights are also available which allows you to customize the height that best works for you.

Measure and Compare Existing Toilet Height to Recommended Standards

Before you purchase a new toilet, it’s important to measure the height of your existing toilet seat to ensure that it is compliant with standards. If the height of your current toilet does not meet the recommended levels for elderly and senior citizens, there are a variety of adjustable toilets available that can help accommodate anyone’s needs.

Adjust or Replace the Toilet Seat if Necessary

If your toilet seat is too high or low for elderly and senior citizens, there are some steps that you can take to make it more comfortable or accessible. You can purchase an adjustable toilet seat, which is designed with ergonomic features such as additional height and a backrest. Alternatively, you could replace the toilet seat with one with a higher or lower base depending on the user’s needs. Finally, you may want to consider replacing the toilet with a new, higher one.

Involve an Occupational Therapist If Needed

For elderly or disabled adults, involving a physical therapist or occupational therapist may be necessary to determine the ideal toilet height. With their expert guidance, you’ll know what kind of seat height adjustments are needed to maximize safety and comfort. This will help ensure that the user can maintain proper posture while on the toilet, reducing the risk of falls and other issues related to improper positioning.

You may also want to consider a larger, contoured seat, and built-in bidet or handheld bidet attachments. It’s also important to think about the overall design of the bathroom when choosing a toilet for a senior such as grab bars, non-slip flooring, and a walk-in shower with a built-in seat or a shower chair. Making changes such as these will make going to the bathroom an easier and more comfortable experience.

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