If you’re like most people, you don’t have endless amounts of money to spend. Finding the best rollator transport chair combo is a great way to save some dough. With a combo device, you get two transport devices for one price. Not only that, you don’t have to lug around two heavy pieces of equipment! In this article, we’ll guide you to the very best rollator transport chair combo at a price you can afford.

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What is a Rollator/Transport Chair?

A rollator/transport chair is a multi-functional mobility aid that combines the features of a walker and a wheelchair. This all-in-one solution provides exceptional flexibility and convenience for individuals with limited mobility. Unlike traditional rollators, a rollator/transport chair can easily convert into a lightweight wheelchair, making it perfect for long trips or travel. With its compact and portable design, it is lighter than standard wheelchairs and can be effortlessly folded for storage or transportation. Whether you’re heading to the store or embarking on an adventure, a rollator/transport chair offers the freedom to go the distance. It is an excellent option for those transitioning from an injury, gradually progressing from a transport chair to a rollator without the need for a replacement. Experience enhanced mobility and the ability to explore farther with the added benefit of a wheelchair whenever required.

First off, let’s define what’s meant by different types of mobility devices including a “rollator transport chair” A typical rollator — without the transport chair functionality — has three or four wheels and allows a person to push themselves around without picking up the device. It usually has hand breaks to allow it to be stopped and it often has a seat that can be utilized when it’s not being used as a transport device. On the other hand, a walker has zero to two wheels and requires a person to pick it up or shuffle it along to move it. A transport wheelchair is a mobility device designed to push a person from behind by an able body adult. Unlike a regular wheelchair, a transport wheelchair does not have large wheels on the side which allow it to be propelled forward by the person sitting in the chair. So what’s a “rollator transport chair”? It allows a person to either push themselves around independently or have a person seated in the device and have someone else do the pushing. So, now that we’ve got that covered off let’s get on to finding the best rollator transport chair combo!

1. Overall Winner For Best Rollator Transport Chair Combo

The Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker is our overall winner. Why? It’s highly reviewed and is the perfect balance of value and quality. Assembly is a snap and it doesn’t take up much room. Perfect for planes, trains or automobiles — or even the bus. Simply put, it is safe, comfortable and well constructed. 

2. Premium Choice For Best Rollator Transport Chair Combo

Though it may look like a transport wheelchair, this high-quality unit by Hi Fortune comes with hand brakes on the back handles and meets our criteria for this review.

It’s lightweight and compact when folded. Assembly is very easy. Weighing at 21 pounds this unit is perfect for the person looking for more transport chair than rollator but not wanting something heavy. It’s a quality product at a premium price but, hey, you get what you pay for.

3. Value Choice For Best Rollator Transport Chair Combo

Is getting good value your number one priority? You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a good rollator transport chair combo. The Medline Steel Foldable Adult Transport Rollator Mobility Walker has all the basic features and doesn’t cost a lot. It’s very easy to put together. The tires grip well on slippery surfaces and the brakes hold very well. Also with large 8-inch wheels, it’s very easy to maneuver. With basic features at a basic price, this unit will meet most people’s needs.

4. Other Choices For Best Rollator Transport Chair Combo

In your search for the best rollator transport chair combo, here are some other good choices you should consider. You’ll do well by any of these.

What To Look For In A Rollator Transport

Wondering what to look for in a rollator transport chair combo? Here’s what you should consider.

What’s a Rollator Transport Chair?

As we covered at the beginning of this article, a rollator transport chair is a 2 in 1 mobility device. It can be used as a rollator and as a transport wheelchair. Typically, it has brakes and a seat. It can be folded for easy storage. Many models come with a bag for personal storage and a holder for a bottle.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Rollator Transport Chair?

There are a number of advantages to using one. They tend to be lighter in weight than a regular wheelchair or transport wheelchair so lugging them around is less of a hassle. Need portability? They fold so they’re very portable. If you’ve got a rollator transport chair then you may not need to buy other devices like a transport wheelchair. That’s more money in your pocket! Another consideration is rollator transport chairs come with breaks so they’re safer than a transport wheelchair which often comes without breaks. The downside? The chairs tend to have a smaller weight capacity than a regular wheelchair. If you’re a large person, keep this in mind.

What Features Should I Look For In A Rollator Transport Chair?

When you’re looking for a chair, check for these features:

  • Weight – Is the unit light enough to push when in use or lug around when not in use?
  • Capacity – Will it hold of weight of the person sitting in it? Makes vary from 165 to well over 300 pounds.
  • Foldability – Does it collapse into reasonable size?
  • Hand Breaks – Does the unit have hand breaks? If not, then it doesn’t have safe rollator capability.
  • Wheel Size – How big are the wheels? Bigger wheels make it easier to maneuver.
  • Seat Belt – Does it have a seat belt? Not everyone wants one but it may be important to you.
  • Foot Rests – Does it have foot rests? If you want full transport capability then choose a chair with foot rests.
  • Manual Breaks – Does it have a manual break to ensure the unit does not move? Some of the more rollator like units don’t.
  • Accessories – Does it have a storage pouch or cup holder? Is that important to you?

Well, that’s our review. We hope that you found our review of Best Rollator Transport Chair Combo a help in your buying decision. We’re reviewing products all the time and you can find them all in the Products and Services section of the website so please come back soon.

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