Play alone. Play with friends. Either way, exercise your brain and have some fun with these great online games for seniors (and, remember, they’re not just for seniors too)! Which ones should you play? I’ve looked at a whole bunch and whittled them down to only the very best. Here’s ELDERCARE digest’s hand-picked list of the Best Online Games for Seniors. Enjoy!

online games for seniors

AARP Online Games For Seniors

Cost:  Advertiser supported. Some games are available for AARP members only.

The mother lode of online games for seniors can be found on the website of AARP. AARP, otherwise known as the American Association of Retired People, has an extensive collection of free, advertised supported games plus a number of them just for members. Get an AARP membership and get access to all the games.

So what games do they have?

Mahjongg for one. In fact, when I looked, they had 10 themed versions of this popular game.

They’ve also got Word Games by the barrel. Looking for a daily crossword, cryptic crossword, or some sort of word fill-in game? You’ll find it here. Let’s not forget Sudoku. They’ve got that covered.

If you like old-time Video Games, they’ve got them too. Remember putting quarters into arcade machines when you were young? Those were fun times. Well, Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command are all available to play for free, in your browser, on your computer. No need to download and install any programs. Breakout and, the granddaddy of video games, Pong are also available but for members only.

Like playing card games? They’ve got Bridge and several types of Solitaire. Blackjack is listed but for members only. Oh, well.

AARP has a lot to offer. If you’re looking to play online games then this should be your first place to check out. It’s a real gold mine of online, browser-based games. Give it a try!


Cost: Advertiser supported. Play ad-free with a Club Pogo membership.

Electronic Arts’ is a free online gaming website that offers over 50 fun games from brands like PopCap and Hasbro. Many are for the young folk but there are a fair number of online games for seniors too. Games are supported by advertising but these can be removed with a membership to Club Pogo. Some games load in a virtual room allowing others to join in, play and chat.
A wide variety of games are available including Bingo and the classic word game Scrabble. You’ll also find card games like Canasta, Gin, Spades, and Solitaire. They’ve also got Double Deuce Poker, Sudoku, and a variety of word and puzzle games.

It’s a great place to waste a few hours and play games alone or with online friends. A definite treasure trove of entertainment!


100% free.

Okay, so there’s just one game on this site and maybe it doesn’t fit into the category of online games for seniors but it’s a lot of fun and worth mentioning. Have you ever played 20 Questions? Sure you have but have you played it against a computer?

Akinator, a genie with mystical powers, will shock and amaze you! Just think of an object, character, or animal. Using his mystical powers, Akinator will try to guess what you’re thinking by asking you yes or no questions to figure out your item. Answer all his questions and Akinator will work his magic and guess exactly what you’re thinking almost all of the time. It’s amazing and a game you can also play with the youngsters you have in your life.

Card Games

Ad supported.

If you like playing card games, then this is the place for you! Sure, you’ll find Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Minesweeper, Reversi, and Yahtzee but where this website really shines is with its large selection of card games! It’s got them all! Okay, it’s got a lot of them. You’re sure to find one you know. Solitaire? Yep, 13 varieties. Multi-player card games? For sure! Here’s the complete list of their card games; Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Euchre, Gin, Rummy, Go Fish, Hearts, Idiot, Lockup, Manni, Oh Hell!, Pinochle, Rummy, Spades, Spit, Switch, Thirteen, War, and Whist. The site may look like it’s from 2002 but the games are fun and they work as advertised. This is definitely a fantastic site with online games for seniors that will steal a lot of your time!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Cost: Ad-supported.

Do you like to do Jigsaw Puzzles but find they are too expensive or take up too much room? Maybe you really haven’t tried them before but would like to give it a go. Well, this site is for you! is an ever-growing collection of free, online jigsaw puzzles. There are hundreds of free jigsaw puzzles already starting at 50 pieces and going all the way up to a mind-boggling 500 pieces! You can get hints if you get stuck and there’s even the ability to make your own puzzles.


Cost: Ad-supported.

What is Tetris? It’s an addictive tile-matching puzzle game! In Tetris, you complete lines by moving differently shaped pieces that fall onto a playing field. Completed lines disappear and give you points. The game ends when the playing field is filled up. The longer you can postpone this outcome, the higher your score will be. It’s order out of chaos! Tetris is fun and mentally stimulating.


Cost: Freemium. Some aspects free while others are at a cost.

Are you Chess player or have you always thought that you should try to play Chess but put it off? Well, now’s the time! is a website 100% dedicated to the game. It’s an internet chess server, internet forum, and social networking website — all in one. Does it cost? The site uses a so-called freemium model. That means some features are available for free and others are on a subscription basis. Live online chess can be played against other users with a number of chess variants available. Whether you’re a beginner or a grandmaster you can find someone to play here. Want to play alone? Play chess against a computer at varying levels. There are also chess puzzles and teaching resources for those just starting out. It’s an excellent way to exercise your brain and try something new!

Wow, That’s a Whole Lot of Games!

I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you’ve found a number of good games to play. There is sure is a lot to choose from! If you’ve got a tablet or smartphone and, you’re looking to kill some time away from your computer, I’ve got a treat for you. Take a look at our Best Apps for Seniors article. It’s full of apps you can download. They’re all practical, amusing, and picked for readers like you. Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for dropping by!

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