33 Best Jobs for Seniors

If you’re a senior considering getting a job after retirement, you aren’t alone. The number of so-called “reverse retirees” is on the rise, with an increasing number of people coming back out of retirement to reenter the workforce.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, this isn’t just an American phenomenon. Worldwide, the employment rate for workers aged 55 and up has been increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic has further created renewed demand for senior workers.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of hiring older workers. Senior professionals have valuable skills and experience. Research shows that they also tend to remain in their jobs longer and don’t take as many days off as their younger counterparts.

Previous concerns about hiring older individuals, like a supposed technology gap, are steadily being overcome. Finally, senior workers can play a valuable role in training younger generations of employees.

Of course, seniors likewise benefit from a return to work. If you’re thinking of taking this step, you’ve undoubtedly already considered the financial aspects. The additional income can be invaluable to individuals in retirement who want to take care of their savings.

Plus, having a job is a great way to get out of the house, remain physically active, and stay mentally engaged with other people. Finally, a career can provide valuable purpose in everyday life, increasing overall satisfaction.

Want to reap the rewards of working as a senior? This guide provides essential information about some of the best jobs for seniors.

33 of the Best Jobs For Seniors

When thinking about returning to work as a retiree, you may automatically gravitate towards a profession you practiced in the past. However, you aren’t obligated to stick to the same career you’ve done in the past. Why not try something new?

There are many fun, engaging, and relevant jobs for seniors worth exploring. This list covers some of the best jobs for seniors. Keep an open mind as you go through it, and you may very well find a new dream job that you enjoy, which will enrich your later years.

1. Greeter

If you love to interact with people and put a smile on their faces, a greeter job is a great pick. In this role, you say hello to people as they enter a store. You may also help customers with packages, answer their queries, and take care of basic cleaning and organizational duties.

As a greeter, you should be physically comfortable standing for extended periods. A positive attitude is also a must. What can you earn? The average greeter makes about $11.38 per hour, according to PayScale data.

2. Courier

If you want a more active job, you might consider a role as a courier or delivery person. In this position, you will deliver goods from warehouses, stores, restaurants, and other facilities. The rise of services like GrubHub and Amazon Flex means there are many opportunities available.

There are also niche fields within the courier business, such as medical couriers who deliver lab tests and other healthcare information. Office couriers are also needed to transport valuable documents that can’t be sent by post or digitally (e.g., legal paperwork).

You may drive a car, go on foot, or take a bike. The mode of transportation and what you deliver will depend on where you work and who employs you. For example, transporting medical samples could mean driving a refrigerated car. The average courier makes $15.15 per hour.

3. Tour Guide

If you’ve been living in the same place for years, you probably know all about the history and touristic highlights. So why not share your knowledge as a guide? Alternatively, working as a guide lets you learn about your surroundings if you’ve moved somewhere new in retirement.

This role requires you to be on your feet and interacting with other people. You’ll walk, show them sights, and answer questions. You should have a good memory and excellent public speaking skills.

You can work as a tour guide showing off geographical sites, or you can find employment with a cultural institution like a museum. This depends mainly on whether you prefer being indoors or outdoors. On average, a tour guide can expect to make $13.22 per hour.

4. Event Usher

If you enjoy culture, a role as an event usher may appeal to you. In this capacity, you help out at events by directing people and helping them find their designated seats. You may also take tickets or answer questions—like telling people where the toilets are.

Ushers may work at sporting events as well as concerts, plays, and other cultural events. They generally work evenings and weekends when these events are being held. This isn’t your average day job for senior citizens! The average user earns $9.83 hourly.

5. Professional Cleaner

This is another job that allows you to engage in physical activity. For example, as a cleaner, you will be on your feet constantly, lugging trash bags, lifting furniture, and pushing mops and vacuum cleaners. Again, this can help you stay fit with age.

Professional cleaners also enjoy great flexibility when it comes to the work environment. For example, you can work on a private for-hire basis, cleaning people’s homes. Alternatively, you could be employed by a hotel, school, or residential facility.

Cleaning is usually a pretty solitary job. If you want to plug in your headphones and listen to music while you get it done, you can. While this can be appealing to some people, others may find it isolating. The average cleaner earns about $12.17 per hour.

6. Handyperson

If you love to work with your hands and have a knack for fixing things, a job as a handyperson may appeal to you. In this position, you’ll help people and businesses with various odd jobs, from installing shelving to hanging pictures or putting together furniture.

You can find your customers by advertising locally or by using an app like TaskRabbit. This app works similar to a drive-for-hire app like Lyft or Uber, matching professionals with the people who need their services. A handyman earns $23.91 per hour on average.

7. Landscaper

Got a green thumb? A gardener or landscaper title is the right job for senior citizens like yourself. You will work on residential and commercial properties to create lush lawns and gardens. Daily tasks could involve mowing, fertilizing, aerating, pruning, and more.

You may also plant new flowers, shrubs, and trees and ensure they get the care they need to grow. Note that landscaping and gardening work tends to be seasonal. For example, there won’t be much to do in the winter months when there’s snow on the ground.

This is a job that allows you to get out into nature and get your hands dirty. It’s also physically demanding, which can help you stay fit as you get older. How much can you expect to earn? You should earn approximately $14.21 per hour for your services.

8. Personal Assistant

A personal assistant or secretary performs basic administrative tasks for another person, such as data entry, appointment management, and answering phones. You may also undertake tasks like organizing files, making coffees, and coordinating office communications.

If you like to help other people and support a team’s success, you may be well-suited to a secretarial role. The average personal assistant earns $15.28 hourly. However, you may be able to make more if you work in a niche setting such as a medical office or a law firm.

Finally, if you’re interested in this type of job but don’t want to sit in an office, you might work as a virtual assistant. Platforms like PeoplePerHour connect assistants who work from home with professionals who need added support.

9. Retail Sales Associate

If you have a knack for sales (or maybe even worked in the field in the past), put your skills to the test with a retail position. You’ll help customers find the merchandise they need, answer their questions, and handle transactions like sales and returns.

Retail sales associates need to have excellent customer service skills and be able to keep calm under pressure. These roles are especially in demand around the holiday season when many stores see a spike in business.

The average salary for a retail sales associate is $11.45 per hour. However, what you earn will vary greatly depending on the field you work in. Sales professionals are needed across an array of industries, from fashion to auto sales. If you work in an area with big-ticket items and get a commission on what you sell, you will earn more.

10. Customer Service Representative

Customer service is an increasingly flexible field where you can work on location or from home. For example, some businesses hire representatives to work on-site and help people in person. Other types of customer service are done via email, online chat, or telephone.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for answering questions, finding solutions for complaints, explaining company policies, and generally ensuring a positive customer experience. A customer service representative earns about $14.56 per hour on average.

11. Freelance Writer

If you’ve got a passion for the written word, you can build a post-retirement career as a freelance writer. While you can also look for an employed position with a company (for example, as a copywriter), freelancing offers distinct benefits.

You’ll get to write for different clients about varied topics, allowing for greater diversity. You can also do many kinds of writing, from blogging to content writing or even ghostwriting novels. It’s up to you. Note that writing can be a pretty sedentary profession, requiring long hours at a computer. It is also isolated unless you’re conducting interviews to research a story.

To work as a writer, you need to have good language skills and grammar. You should also have an excellent eye for detail and a knack for research. Sometimes, you may be asked to write about topics you don’t know much about. On average, writers earn $51,211 per year.

12. Bank Teller

If you want to combine your love of math and finances with a desire to help people, consider a bank teller’s role. In this position, you’ll be the “face” of the bank you work for, helping customers with their needs. This job pays about $13.20 per hour.

Your tasks might include counting cash drawers, managing customer accounts, processing transactions, and exchanging currencies from other countries. You will have to know the bank’s policies in detail and should be personable and professional.

13. For-Hire Driver

You’re likely already familiar with services like Uber and Lyft. So why not work for them? This is an excellent job if you have a car and a valid driver’s license and want a lot of flexibility. You can decide when and where you work. The pay per hour for these roles is reported to be about $8.55 to $11.77.

If you don’t want to work for a company like Uber or Lyft, you can also establish your own driving business. For example, you might create an airport transfer service if your hometown has an airport. If you go this route, you get to meet all kinds of people from all over the world.

14. Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing is an integral part of the modern healthcare system. Medical billers help manage patient payment balances and handle insurance claims for various healthcare providers, from private doctors’ offices to public hospitals.

As a medical biller, you might work for a primary care facility, specialist medical center, hospital, or clinic. You need to be good with math, have an excellent eye for detail, and be very organized. In this role, you should earn an estimated $17.03 per hour.

15. Child Care Worker

If you love kids, a role in child care might be the perfect fit when you’re looking for jobs for senior citizens. You can work as a nanny for one family, which may also entail meal preparation and light housekeeping duties.

Alternatively, you can work for a local daycare center or nursery school. Note that you may need to jump through some hoops, like completing a background check, to get this kind of job. Also, it’s a very active job, since you have to keep up with little kids.

The average salary of a child care worker in a daycare is about $10.13 per hour. However, if you opt to work as a nanny, you may get a bit more pay. In this case, the average salary is reported as $15.27 hourly. Plus, specialist child care workers—those who work with children with disabilities—may earn more.

16. Pet Care Professional

If kids aren’t your thing, what about pets? So many people need to have dedicated care for their fur babies. If you love animals, you’re sure to love this gig. There are various pet care professions to choose from, including pet sitting, dog walking, training, and grooming.

You can work independently or find an organization to work for. If you don’t have any experience, on-the-job training can be a great way to get your toes wet. For example, there are tricks to learn and tools to master if you want to groom dogs.

The earnings for pet care work will depend primarily on what area you focus on. For example, the average dog walker earns $14.98 per hour, while the average pet groomer earns $12.32 per hour. Your location and experience can also impact the price point.

17. Bookkeeper

If you’re a skilled mathematician, have a keen eye for detail, and like to work with numbers, you can set yourself up as a bookkeeper. The job entails maintaining a company’s financial records by handling incoming payments, tracking expenses, creating transaction reports, and more.

Modern bookkeepers rely on complex accounting software, so it’s essential to master these tools. In addition, some bookkeepers also process a company’s payroll, which may also require knowledge of specific software or tech tools. The average bookkeeper pay is $17.95 per hour.

18. Tax Preparer

Another option if you’re a whizz with numbers is to work as a tax preparer. This job is a bit more high-pressure since the documents you’re preparing are going to the Internal Revenue Service, IRS. If you mess up, the person or company you’re working for could face an audit.

If you go this route, make sure to get a Preparer Tax Identification Number from the IRS. You may also have to pass a state licensing exam. How much will you earn? On average, tax preparers make $13.84 per hour.

19. Consultant

If you have expertise in a specific area, individuals or companies may hire you as a consultant to take advantage of your unique knowledge. This is an excellent role if you like working with people, thinking creatively, and being a niche expert in a defined field.

There are many different types of consultants, including business consultants, financial consultants, marketing consultants, branding consultants, etc. Earnings vary widely depending on the niche. For example, a management consultant earns about $88,310 per year, while an information technology consultant earns $79,640 per year.

20. Tutoring

Tutoring is a beautiful way to help other people acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in life. You can offer tutoring services in various subject matters, from maths and sciences to history and more. Further, you can decide what age group you want to work with.

Another reason to consider tutoring as a senior job is the fact that it can be done online. Internet-based tutoring allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. To succeed as a tutor, you must be patient and organized. The average tutor earns $17.89 hourly.

21. ESL Teacher

If you like the idea of tutoring but want to focus on a more diverse audience, consider teaching English as a second language, ESL. This will give you the chance to interact with people from around the world, helping them improve their English language abilities.

A career as an ESL teacher can be gratifying emotionally. Further, it can even give you the chance to travel the world. Many qualified ESL teachers work in foreign countries. The average ESL teacher salary is $46,243 per year.

22. Teaching Assistant

Working as a teacher demands a significant level of responsibility. If you like the idea of helping others learn but want a less stressful role, you can work as a teaching assistant instead. These professionals help teachers with everyday tasks and offer extra support to students.

In most cases, teaching assistants are employed in classrooms with younger children. Kids need more privatized attention than adult learners. What will you get for your work? On average, a teaching assistant will earn about $13.04 per hour.

23. School Bus Driver

A school bus driver has the valuable role of ensuring kids make it safely to and from their school. In addition to driving, they ensure kids are behaving safely, maintain order on the bus, and help keep the vehicle clean.

To work as a school bus driver, you must complete specialized training and get a commercial driver’s license. It requires some effort. But, if you love to drive, like kids, and are up to the challenge, go for it. As a school bus driver, expect to earn approximately $17.23 hourly.

24. Mail Delivery Person

Mail delivery is another senior job that will require significant physical activity, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a role that will keep you in shape. You will be responsible for sorting and delivering mail, ensuring envelopes and packages reach their intended destination.

On average, a mail delivery person earns $18.02 per hour. If you like the idea of working for the U.S. postal service but want a less active job, there are other roles available, too. Alternative positions include mail handler or mailroom clerk.

25. Residential Real Estate Agent

Residential real estate agents help people buy and sell homes. This is a multifaceted career path that will continue to challenge you in many ways. You’ll have to do research, figure out financials, and provide great customer service. You’ll also have to stay on top of industry trends.

Real estate can also be a very active job. You’ll need to show houses and walk prospective buyers through them. Note that you will need to be comfortable driving between your office and the homes you’re offering. However, the effort will be well worth it: A real estate agent earns $48,762 per year, but commission-based pay can result in much higher earnings.

26. Government Worker

The United States federal government is a significant employer of seniors and worth looking at if you’re keen on getting a competitive salary and fantastic benefits. Government jobs also tend to offer a good pension, which can be a draw if you haven’t saved much for retirement.

The wages for government jobs vary significantly depending on the position and level of seniority. You can get a sense of what types of roles are available via the USA Jobs platform. Note that there are even hiring paths targeting senior executives.

27. SEE Program Employee

The Senior Environmental Employee (SEE) program is an initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency. It gives workers over 55 the chance to use their knowledge to enact positive environmental change.

While this isn’t a federal government position, you will still get good pay and benefits like paid time off and health insurance coverage. Wages vary depending on the role. For example, a clerical position earns $8.78 per hour, while a scientific position earns $12.72 per hour.

28. Fitness Instructor

Think fitness instructor jobs are only for young people? Think again! Many inspiring fitness instructors over 50, from former CrossFit Games Master Shellie Edington to fitness guru and CoverGirl ambassador Janine Delaney.

If you have a passion for working out, this could be the right senior citizen job for you. You will provide your clients with training tips and cheer them along the path to a healthier lifestyle. Seeing your clients make gains can be gratifying. Fitness instructors earn approximately $20.44 per hour.

29. Security Guard

If you’re in good shape and like the idea of protecting your community, a security guard role may be for you. This is especially true if you have a background in the military or law enforcement. Note that you will likely need to do a drug test and background check to get the gig.

Further, if you pursue a position as an armed security guard, you will have to undergo additional training to get firearms training. Finally, note that the job may require working odd hours, such as nighttime and weekends. On average, security guards earn $12.72 per hour.

30. Temp Worker

If the thought of doing the same job every day doesn’t appeal to you, consider temp work. You register with a temp agency that puts you in various positions depending on the need. Depending on your qualifications, duties could range from the receptionist to bookkeeping.

Salaries will vary depending on how specialized the field is that you work in. However, to give you some idea of earnings, a temporary office assistant can expect to earn about $13.68 per hour.

31. Artist

Believe it or not, you can make a living as an artist. The digital age has dramatically improved prospects for such creative roles. You can now set up your digital storefront using tools like Etsy or Shopify to peddle your wares.

Being an artist is a fairly solitary profession, so this isn’t a great pick if you’re a social butterfly. Pay rates for artists vary widely depending on the medium. For example, a graphic artist earns $16.94 per hour, while painters, sculptors, and other fine artists make about $20.63 hourly.

32. Musician

If the visual arts aren’t where your passion lies, maybe you’d like to try a side gig as a musician instead. Musical artists and singers can work in diverse venues, from cruise ships to casinos and local community events.

If you have musical talent, another option is to provide music lessons to kids or adults. This can be a great way to pass on your gift. Watching your pupils improve can also be very rewarding. On average, a music teacher can expect to earn $44,179 per year.

33. Entrepreneur

Last but not least, if you’re interested in reentering the working world but none of the traditional paths described above appeal to you, why not pursue entrepreneurship? If you have an innovative idea for a product or service, this is a great choice.

Sounds crazy? The numbers of seniors starting their own companies have risen so dramatically, there’s even a name for it: The Seniorpreneur. Your lifetime of knowledge, skills, and experience may leave you well-suited to running your very own business.

The Final Word: Finding a Jobs for Seniors

Hopefully, at least one of the jobs for seniors described above sparked your interest. Once you’ve chosen a professional path to pursue, you can start sending out applications. Update your resume and cover letter accordingly, taking care to explain why you want to return to work.

While this may be nerve-wracking at first, remember that you have a useful lifetime of experience to offer. Employers will readily recognize this and be interested in the unique knowledge, skills, and expertise you bring to the table.

There are many helpful resources to help you in your job search, including:

  • Indeed: This jobs platform is one of the largest on the Internet and can help match you with an interested employer in hiring older workers. Try searching on “retiree” or “retired”.
  • Job Search Strategies for Seniors: This guide to job hunting for older workers from The Balance Careers can guide you through the entire process, from how to write your cover letter to how to ace the interview.
  • Job Interview Tips: Monster has a guide specifically for older workers nervous about interviewing for jobs.

With these tools and the above list of the best jobs for seniors to guide you, you’re sure to find a senior job. Good luck—and have fun! You are starting a new chapter in your life and opening yourself up to an exciting experience. Show the world that life doesn’t end with retirement.

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