Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can be a nightmare so we want to let you in about some secret IVR cheats. What’s an IVR, you ask? It’s one of those annoying automated phone systems asking you to press “1” for this, or “2” for that! Organizations may like them but for seniors, they can be very frustrating. Why does it have to be so difficult to speak to a human? Well, we’ve got some IVR cheats. Today we put some tips together when you encounter an IVR and, with some knowledge and a little luck, you might actually speak to someone.

ivr cheats for seniors

IVR Cheats

1. Press 0 Or Press Nothing

When the IVR starts asking you to press a number don’t choose any of the options they offer you. Press ZERO instead. Many systems are set up to send you directly to a real operator when you do this. If that doesn’t work then call back and do nothing. Not pressing any buttons when prompted can sometimes put you through.

2. Use A Toll-Free Number

If you’ve got a long-distance plan, don’t dial a company’s toll-free number. Phone the company directly first. Trying that may lead to a live operator or receptionist rather than having to work your way through an IVR.

3. Try The Internal Directory

Have you ever phoned a business and they give you an employee directory to choose from? If you can’t get customer service to pick up then use the directory system and tell it you want to speak to “Mr. Jones” or “Mrs. Smith” when prompted by the computer voice. You might also want to pick a random name if it lists employee names and their extensions. It might not get you to the person you want but at least you’ll get someone who can help you.

4. Call At Off Peak Hours

Also, some companies only run IVRs during busy times so you might get a live operator if you call at off-peak hours. That’s usually before 11 am or after 2 pm when demand is often at its highest and operators are on break.

5. Google “IVR Cheat Sheet”

Finally, if you’re really adventurous, Google “IVR cheat sheets”. You’ll find a whole bunch of websites claiming to have special IVR cheat codes for countless companies and governmental organizations. They may not all work but if you’re desperate to speak to a human then they’re worth a try.”

So if you’re stuck in IVR hell, we hope these tips will give you the edge to connect with the person you need! If your need a break from your IVR frustrations then check out our 12 Best Apps For Seniors. Either way, have a pleasant day!

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